Thursday, 19 May 2016


 Can you believe it's been a whole year since the release of Splatoon?
Time sure has flown by and it's still holding a rightful place as one of my favourite games EVER

I sleep with my squishy squid pillow every night
and I've even sprained my wrist because of how often I play and use the motion controls

I am trying so hard not to gush about the game, because today is about Splatoon candy
(but omg, please check play the game some time, you will love it!)

くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡

 First up are these hard candies with a sour paste filling
They also come with a sticker sheet, which is super cool
I love when licensed products come with little freebies like this!

The super fun and bright packaging continues inside
as each candy is individually wrapped and decorated with a character from the game

Instead of a sheet of smaller sticker, I received just one larger sticker in my pack
I do kind of wish I'd gotten a few smaller ones, but any sticker is cool with me
This design feels much more iconic to the game apposed to a few small squids

There are 4 flavours in this pack, all of which are soda
From left to right we have: Melon, Soda (Ramune), Grape and Orange

Melon soda flooded me with memories from japan, it was like a solid version of the drink
Super mellow but with a slight tang which gets a little stronger to the middle 
Where I was expecting to be hit with a burst of sourness, but it wasn't that bad at all
Soda was a little more tangy straight off the bat
The grape was nice but tasted a little different to the typical grape flavour of Japanese candies
I couldn't quite put my finger on why though, because this was grape soda perhaps??
Orange was, orange lol
There's never much to say about orange

Over all they're decent hard candies with nice flavours
But don't be expecting anything super sour from the center 

Moving on to the second candy of this post~  

Squid shaped gummies in Orange and Melon soda flavours

These gummies are super cute, I kind of feel guilty eating them
and they have a super tough texture too, it's pretty hard to chomp through them 
which kind of made me feel like I was eating actual squids... AGH

The flavours are pretty mellow with a tang to add to their soda aspect
Sadly nothing too interesting, I do wish there was more flavours in here
Even if it was just a repeat of those that were used for the hard candies

Despite their tough texture
They didn't have any kind of overpowering gelatin taste which was really nice
as that's something which puts me off eating gummy sweets!

Both candies are nice and whilst they may not be revolutionary or amazing 
they sure are a lot of fun for Splatoon fans and I'd recommend them both as they're worth the try! 

Wait a minute... 


くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡

I purchased both of my candies from JBox
Hard Candy - $6.00 (set of 2)
Gummies - $3.50 (set of 3)

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