Friday, 8 January 2016

PokeCenterLoot: New Year Loot Box

 PokeCenterLoot are a great site for Pokemon fans in the UK
They're primarily a distributor of Japanese exclusive PokeCenter goods
But they occasionally sell themed Mystery Boxes and I grabbed one for the New Year~

Here's a run down of the items I received ♪ 

 Mochi Pikachu Plushie
This Plush is modeled after the traditional Kagamimochi from New Years in Japan
In real like it's 2 pieces of mochi places on top of each other and then topped with a small orange
It's notouriously chewy and you have to be very careful not to choke on it!

 For what appears to be a rather minimalist plush there's still lot's of attention to detail
with markings on the orange and a decorative "scarf"

 The plush sits atop a small mat and has an adorable tag too
Look at that chubby little Chu! ~( ̄▽ ̄~)

 Next up is another traditional item, a Kadomatsu
These bamboo decorations are placed in the entrance of homes to welcome their ancestors spirits

 The little tag says "Happy New Year" in Japanese

 The decoration is beautiful and it features a metal brooch
The center star of which is Aipom as 2016 is the Year of the Monkey
Who's surrounded by Gen 3 Starters, Pikachu and even a Mochi Pikachu

You're supposed to burn your Kadomatsu after January 15th
But I don't think I can part with this beauty!!

 Finally we have a set of charms featuring various Lucky items

 Hagoita and Maneki Pikachu
At first glance I didn't notice anything special about the Pikachu
but then I freaked out when I noticed he was in the style of a Lucky Cat/Maneki Neko
So freaking adorable!!

 Mochi Pikachu and Darumaka with a top
Darumaka is based on the Daruma which is often sold at Temples in the New Year
I really love Daruma and have a small collection of them so I love this charm
The only problem is I have NO IDEA how or where to use these charms!!

The cost of this box including postage was just under £33
Which makes each item £11 and I think that's perfectly ok
It might seem a little much for 3 items, however
If I was in a store or at a convention I'd think £11 for that plush was a bargain!

If you were to order these goods from Japan yourself you'd encounter extra fee's
These would come from your Shipping service, for the shipping (domestic and international)
and you may also be victim to evil Custom fee's!
PokeCenterLoot's prices include all of this stuff so there's no nasty surprises
It works out a lot better and I really should use them more often

I also got super lucky and managed to win one of their giveaways!

This adorably lazy Glaceon plushie is now mine ♥
Sorry for the stock picture, it's really hard to photograph
It's totally worthwhile to follow them on Facebook for future contests!

I'd imagine their next Loot Box will be for Valentines Day goodies
or perhaps even a special box for Pokemon's 20th Anniversary
and I will definitely consider treating myself to one ~(●´┏ε┓`●)

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