Thursday, 29 September 2016

ぐでたまうまい棒★Gudetama umaibo

 Umaibo is one of my all time favourite Japanese snacks, so when I spotted this collaboration with Gudetama, I just HAD to have it! (any excuse to buy 40 sticks of umaibo though)

 The flavour is 卵かけご飯 / "tamago kake gohan" which is raw egg on top of rice. I discovered this dish during my first visit to Japan in 2009 with Emma (aka/ Bloomzy!) we were watching a cooking show one night and were kind of horrified when we saw them mixing raw eggs on to rice and eating it.
Turns out that eggs in Japan are just somehow super fresh and safe to consume raw, which just blows my mind! Growing up in the West we're constantly told to stay away from raw eggs, especially in things such as cake batter, which is often most tempting.

The flavour isn't very "eggy" though as one might fear, infact it's actually super familiar! I just can't put my finger on it, but I am sure that at some point in my life I have eaten a snack that tastes just like this. I keep thinking back to my childhood, but I can't quite place the flavour. I may have to share *shudder* these with my family and see if they can pin point it

Overall the Gudetama umaibo are very nice and the packaging is super fun but I'm sad that there isn't some kind of small prize or a sticker to collect (I feel like I complain about a lack of free stickers far too often haha), still I think these are great for fans and would make an amazing gift!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

NENDOROID: Show by Rock!

 Welcome to the Nendoroid of SIN
For with this figure I have committed the crime of purchasing merchandise because it's cute and not because I am a fan or knowledgeable on the series she is from ∑(゜△゜;)
Though in my defence, I am not totally clueless as to who Cyan is and I know she is from Show by Rock, a mobile rhythm game by Sanrio in Japan, the game was later turned in to an Anime too, however I don't think I've played the game and I never found anywhere to watch the show, so I can't say that I'm a "fan" but it sure as hell won't hold me back from having this cutie in my collection!

I actually first saw Cyan as a giant sculpture in Gamers, Akihabara during my visit in late 2014
So I'm totally claiming nostalgia as a reason to love her too, ok? ok.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Dream Loot Crate: Cozy + Kawaii *

Recently, I learned that Loot Crate, the subscription service for geeks and gamers, was putting together a special project focusing on what people would include in their Dream Crate. I was overjoyed to come up with some ideas for the company I know, love and admire and couldn't wait to get stuck in ♪

The core theme I chose for my crate was "Cozy + Kawaii" because there's nothing I love more than cute stuff and curling up on my sofa to play video games. Before getting in to my Dream Crate's contents you'll notice I gave the crate itself a little bit of a fun make over, I kept most of it's iconic black look intact but gave it a pastel face lift on the front, I think I was subconsciously inspired by the new Galaxy 3DS.

As for what's inside...